The following are ten guitar books I use and recommend. If you would like to buy any of them the links are provided below from Amazon. I do make a bit of money if you click through and buy here, so you know.



The first is by far the best book I have found on guitar music theory. The title is:

Music Theory Everything You Ever Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask

by Tom Kolb A veteran guitarist!



Second is: Perfect Pitch Method A Musician’s Guide to Recognizing Pitches by Ear

This is a great guide especially for all us musicians that may not have “perfect pitch”. Comes with 3 cds and online audio access.

by Adam Perlmutter


Third is real gold! It is: Joe Satriani Guitar Secrets by Joe Satriani

This is a collection of 41 private lessons by Joe as they were featured in the “Guitar for the Practicing Musician” magazine from 1982 till the last issue in 1999. The following link goes to the book/cd version.



Want to learn to read music on the guitar? The Fourth book is the tried, true, and tested and great for beginners:

A Modern Method For Guitar Volume 1 by William G. Leavitt from the famous Berklee Press

Yes guitar players can learn to read music!  


Number five is the amazing:

Mel Bay’s Complete Book of Guitar Chords, Scales and Arpeggios by William Bay

A great resource with scales, arpeggios, and chords altogether in one place. A must for any guitar players bookshelf!   


Number six is a must for those who want a good primer on the blues. Includes rock blues, folk/country blues, slide/bottleneck and jazz/blues. Includes cd as well.

It is Basic Blues For Guitar by Fred Sokolow   


Number seven is a good book to get a start at learning some great jazz guitar classics. A great supplement to any method book. Cd included.

It is: Jazz Guitar A Comprehensive Guide with Detailed Instruction and More Than 20 Great Jazz Classics by Jeff Schroedl 


Eight is a jazz guitar book for solo guitar by John Stein called:

Jazz Standards For Solo Guitar with/cd. Ten standards done with music notation and tablature as only John Stein could, beautiful!

Another Berklee Press book.  


Nine is for getting your “classical guitar chops” in order. Nicely arranged by Howard Wallach and it is also in tablature for you’all that don’t read notation.

Great to take yourself back in time to works by Anon, de Visee, Carcassi, Sor, Tarrega, and others.

The title is: 50 Classical Guitar Solos in Tablature  


Last but not least by far, number ten is the classic by Mick Goodrick a Berklee alumni and master guitarist and teacher.

It is: The Advancing Guitarist Applying Guitar Concepts & Techniques

There is so much to this book, I keep going back to it, much to think about for the serious improviser. Mick Goodricks students are the proof in the pudding.

To name a few taught by Mick: Bill Frisell, Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Mike Stern and many more notable guitarists.   

I have studied from quite a few books some good and some that are so-so. The above top ten I have found the most helpful of all.

Myself, like many guitarists am self-taught for the most part. So being a big bookworm I love exploring new concepts through the printed page. 🙂









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