“Michael Mannix is worth his weight in gold!  He has been so accommodating and open minded in teaching my 9 year old son guitar.  My son has ADHD, and learns differently than others, and somehow Mr. Mannix has a magic way of getting thru to him.  Mr. Mannix is calm and patient yet fun, and speaks to my son in a way that is soothing, yet educational, and my son responds amazingly. 

In the few months of lessons from Mr. Mannix, my son has learned to tune his guitar by ear, play notes by ear, read simple music notes and tablature, he can also recognize musical symbols used in notation.  Mr. Mannix has structure to his lessons, but leaves room for a bit of play and will jam with my son, which gives my son tons of confidence. 

I would recommend Mr. Mannix to anyone wanting to learn guitar.  It has been a wonderful experience and as a mother, Im so happy to see my son excel and pick this up so quickly thanks to Mr. Mannix and Clearly Guitar.”


Stephanie Bernath


“Mobile Guitar Lessons!? Who would of thought? What a great experience!

Mike is thoughtful and always adapting his teaching to his students learning style. Creative and always fun. The two of us look forward to more sessions with Mike. Instructional, but more so, always a good time. Mike makes learning guitar fun and exciting.

Anyone considering guitar lessons, needs to contact Mike!”

Peter and Amelia Hoefer

terryellen / Pixabay

“I spoke to Michael about coming to my place to give some private lessons on the acoustic guitar because my family and schedule make it extremely difficult for a set lesson outside of my home. 

Michael came to my home and provided a great lesson plan that got me excited about learning the guitar.  He tailored every lesson to the way I was learning and focused on music important to me rather than a set lesson plan he may use with someone else. 

I really appreciated Michael’s teaching style and look forward to learning more through my progression towards becoming a musician.”

Brent Goerz


“As a busy Mom with four children, I was overjoyed to find a local guitar teacher that would come to my house, on my schedule!

What I didn’t know at the time, was how fantastic a teacher we would have for teaching my beginner son guitar. Michael is a patient guy and seems to be able to fit the lesson to the student in many ways. He made learning fun and there were always great sounds coming from the room during lessons.

Thanks Michael for helping Cole start out in guitar, he sure loves playing the songs he’s learned so far!”

Krista Ferguson



I am a senior lady who has finally decided to take guitar lessons from Michael. He has been very understanding and patient with me. I find his method of teaching very helpful. I would highly recommend him.

Kathleen M.


Not only is Michael knowledgeable, he’s patient, flexible and accepting of me, as an adult student, I highly recommend him as a teacher for students of all ages.

Kathryn Willardson









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