Guitar Lessons! At Your Home!

In Your Home – The First lesson is free!

Why not take advantage of guitar lessons in the comfort of your own home in the North Okanagan?

Looking for something to keep your youngster busy this summer? Why not electric or acoustic guitar instruction and coaching?


I specialize in teaching beginners!

My lesson plans are dynamic, they can include proven method books, or learning specific techniques, to achieve your goals.

In this interactive environment, it is a “Win Win” situation!

What is needed is to be taught in a way that will prepare the student for the musical style he/she may choose in the future, with the goal of helping to become a more effective learner.

If you have been playing a while already, I can help take your playing to the next level.

You may also desire to work on a specific technique.

Maybe you want to focus on your rhythm or lead playing. I can help you with these things!

For me playing the guitar is a passion!profile picture of Michael Mannix

I love to see students succeed, young or old!



Why not take action now!

If you have always had a dream of learning to play or maybe you desire to improve your existing skills, why not take action!

Why not introduce guitar playing to your youngster or teen? Group lessons with family members available too!

Remember the first introduction/lesson is free with no obligation!

Contact me now, and I will get back to you in 24 hours or less.

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Mobile and Skype guitar lessons in Enderby, British Columbia, Canada

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