Music Brings You Alive!

Recently I watched a Netflix documentary that had a profound effect on me. The name of it was
“Alive Inside”. Yes I know that this post has nothing to do with learning guitar, but I thought some could benefit from this info.

This documentary reveals the positive effects seniors with dementia and alzheimers can experience when exposed to the music they loved so much in the past. These seniors were given headphones so they could listen to personalized music that they enjoyed previously.

One of the featured seniors was named Henry and he was given music that he loved to listen to, actually Cab Calloway. What a thing to watch! Henry, over 90+ years, literally “came alive”. I can honestly say this brought tears to my eyes, as I experienced the effects of dementia with my grandmother Lillie who now has passed away. Henry’s youtube video went viral! Then the documentary “Alive Inside”was made, anyway I don’t want to spoil it for you, check it out! Here is the trailer:

Here also is the link to the website for more info. Enjoy!!!

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